This last week has been such a big week! I had my last university assignment due last Thursday, my beautiful girlfriend’s birthday on Tuesday, my infusion Tuesday afternoon, preparation for the University of Canberra Graduate showcase on Thursday and Friday and catching up with family and friends over the weekend. I am sitting at my computer writing this post and thinking a self high five is seeming increasingly appropriate! I say this because at the start of the semester I could barely manage to sit through a lecture and now I am managing more and more.

I still struggle with fatigue everyday but when I intentionally reflect I can appreciate the enormous progress I have made. I am so thankful for this blog and the reminder it serves to me to stop and be so grateful for my current health. I can be so quick to forget sometimes, getting impatience that I am not where I want to be or recovering as fast as I would like. But this blog, a catalogue of reminders, helps me to keep things in perspective.

Over the last couple of days I have met two beautiful women who have been reading my blog almost from the start. Meeting these two women has been such a privilege. It was a unique experience to meet someone for the first time that knew so much about my journey and who I felt so comfortable to confide in. Both meetings were incredibly special and I want to thank you both for your encouragement and for taking the time to speak with me. I want to put this in my ‘blog time-capsule’ so that I can continually be reminded of these very special encounters.

Often we are not aware of the impact or influence that our lives and attitudes have on other people’s lives – this is something that became profoundly obvious to me through my meeting with these two women. It reinforced to me that our attitudes matter even if we don’t think anyone is looking.

In the book Integrity, by Dr. Henry Cloud, Cloud challenges the reader to think about the wake that they leave behind them. Are people better off for meeting or working with you or do you leave chaos, confusion and hurt behind. If you were to apply for a new job would your current employer be desperate to keep you or would it be a pleasure to see you go? Are we courteous and respectful or are we self-seeking? Do we listen intently or are we waiting for our chance to speak?

I have gone off on a massive tangent because I initially started this post because I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, supported me, cared for me and have been praying for me. As I slightly allude to in the first paragraph of this post on Friday I exhibited at the University of Canberra Graduate Exhibition, marking the completion of my degree in Graphic Design. There is a popular proverb that says ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and I am so grateful for the village of people that have raised me. From my parents and friends to my coaches, mentors and pastors. Your generosity has given me momentum and a fuel to continue to push when I thought I had nothing left. I am so thankful to the people who have visited me, messaged me, walked with me, read books with me, talked with me, sat with me and cried with me.

Mentors and friends are so important – so seek out mentors fervently and passionately endeavour to be a mentor and encouragement to others, you’ll never know the extent of your sphere of influence!