[Eliza Watson] Tim Fulton was a competitive ice hockey player when suddenly his declined and he was diagnosed with Still’s Disease.

[Tim Fulton] The best way to describe it is like the worst flu that you’ve ever had after doing the biggest work-out of your life!

[Eliza Watson] As he recovered from a particularly tough relapse the Kingston man set himself a goal of running 100 kilometres in 200 days to help raise profile of rare diseases.

[Tim Fulton] I hope that I can play a small part in advocacy and awareness, and who knows what will come up from sparking those conversations.

[Eliza Watson] 199 days in the finish line is in sight. But it has taken massive effort to get here.

[Tim Fulton] It wasn’t easy, it took me 150 days to complete the first 50km, and I was like ‘there is no way I am going to get it done in time’.

[Eliza Watson] Tomorrow Tim will run his longest distance of the challenge, 5km along the Burley Griffin Park Run, emblematic of a much longer journey to get here. Rare Disease Day on Sunday.