For Rare Disease Day our It’s Possible host, Tim, meets with fellow rare disease advocate – also named Tim. Based in Canberra, Tim Fulton shares his inspiring story of being diagnosed with Adult-onset Still’s disease at the age of 22 and how this ultimately lead him to the journey of a lifetime – Running Rare.

Up to the onset of symptoms, Tim’s life had been a series of amazing achievements. He played ice hockey for Australia and with one subject left in his university degree he was on the cusp of a personal goal of a straight High Distinction transcript. Then Still’s changed his life forever. A disease that is estimated to impact just 1:500,000, Tim spent months physically crippled by his condition. In this candid & deeply personal discussion Tim and Tim delve further into the impacts of rare diseases beyond the physical. They dig deep on the emotional and mental toil & why we need to have open and honest discussions on how to manage these aspects of health & well-being. “When I got a diagnosis and started getting better, I asked ‘Will I ever get back to normal? Will trying to pick up sport again send me back?’ There aren’t many points of reference when you have a rare disease, so it was all new territory. I had to find my new normal and I had to give a voice to the thousands of Australians that live with rare conditions.” Tim Fulton lives his purpose every day – to make the invisible, visible.